Terms and conditions


ICYS seeks to maintain a supportive online community for clients and stakeholders. In order to do so we have a few basic rules everyone must follow, failure to do so may result in posts being deleted and further access to ICYS social media sites denied. By engaging with our social media sites you agree to the following:

The Dos:

  • Be respectful of other users.
  • Give feedback: we love to hear from clients and stakeholders, accolades and suggestions for improvement help us keep providing top notch services.
  • Feel free to share our posts but remember to respect our intellectual property rights (do not edit our work and make sure to let people know that it came from ICYS).
  • Keep it relevant, no posting about unrelated topics or promoting businesses or personal media sites.
  • Make sure you’re abiding by all the rules of the host site (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.).
  • Be aware that when you post content to ICYS sites you are giving consent for us to repost, share and use all material without further consultation or payment.

The Don’ts:

  • No posts or comments that are offensive or discriminatory (no swearing, nudity, bullying, harassment or trolling).
  • No posts or comments that breach other people’s privacy, intellectual property rights, break any laws or encourage others to break the law.
  • Don’t upload malware or knowingly link to sites containing malware.
  • No impersonating another individual or organisation.

If users of ICYS’ Social Media networks become aware of breaches to the above terms and conditions, they may bring it to the attention of the Service Manager or the moderator of the page (contactable via the messaging button on each individual social media page). Staff, stakeholders and other users are not to enter into discussion with the offending poster, those who do so risk their account being blocked from the page also.