Information, Support and Referral

The youth support system can often be complex and daunting to navigate. To help you to understand the support available to young people in our community, ICYS provides the Youth Assessment Referral and Information (YARI) Service and the Regional Youth Support Service (RYSS). These programs assess the needs of a young person, provide information about support services they can access and, if required, provides a referral either to a support program within ICYS or a service provided by an external organisation.  Both YARI and RYSS can also provide individual one-on-one support to young people.

Youth Assessment Referral & Information (YARI) Program

The YARI program is a specialist intake, assessment, information and referral service that links young people with information and services that can support them.  The program can support young people aged 12 to 18 years who are in need of support with any concern and includes individual case management support where required.  The service can be accessed directly by young people seeking assistance, by family members or carers of the young person and by support services/agencies working with young people seeking support on behalf of a young person.

Regional Youth Support Service (RYSS)

The RYSS program provides individualised support to young people aged 12 to 18 within the Somerset and Lockyer Valley regions by providing local level responses including information, advice, referral, supportive case management and coordinated multi-service case management responses. The RYSS service can be accessed directly by young people, their family members, carers and friends looking for information to support a young person, or by support services and agencies working with young people.

The Regional Youth Support Service operates a three-tiered service delivery model:

  1. Access – information, advice and referral
  2. Support – case management support
  3. Integrated Response – coordinated and integrated multi-service case management response.

Focuses on four key areas, to help young people:

  • connect to positive family support
  • get a job or engage in education or training
  • lead a healthy and violence-free life
  • have a safe and stable place to live.

Regional Youth Support Workers can transport young people to external appointments, conduct home visits and advocate.

If you believe you need the assistance of our YARI or RYSS staff, please contact us.